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Endura Delta


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Why Inair?

We are surrounded by air. We at least breath in and out 20 000 litres of air every day. How healthy is the air? There is a range of aspects to determine air quality. Oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration in the air. Oxygen decrease and carbon dioxide cause stuffiness in the premises. Content of harmful substances and dust in the air. High content of dust, tobacco smoke and other substances in the air are harmful for the human organism and can cause various lung and skin diseases. Odours. Bad smell causes discomfort and irritates. Air humidity. Too high or low humidity makes us feel uncomfortable and even may provoke acute disease attacks for sick people. Air humidity is important also for inner climate. Our fresh air ventilation system products and solutions will ensure that you will always breath the fresh and healthiest air possible indoors

Why Choose Inair

Creditable Integrity

Our association by choice gives us creditable integrity in our field. Which is why...

Our Association

Partnered with RENSON, a global multinational present across all continents since 1904.

Fresh Air Systems

INAIR - fresh air systems for home aims to fill every indoor space with high quality fresh air along with low energy consumption.

Our Mission

INAIR focus is in creating healthy indoor environment.

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