Why Indoor Air Quality is So Important?

Importance of indoor air quality:

Indoor air in residential and commercial places play a key role in a person’s life. It impacts the mental and physical state of the person. Mold, dust, Fireplaces and chimneys, cleaning products, lead, smoke and tobacco, HVAC systems, Asbestos, etc. contribute to the indoor air quality. It’s recommended to install a fresh air system to minimize the negative impacts of poor air quality.

The fresh air ventilation system has two fans. One fan draws the fresh air from outside into space and the other expels out the bad air. They are either fitted in each room independently or connected to HVAC systems. This is how they improve the quality of indoor air.

Doctors and researchers are constantly stressing over the importance of good quality indoor air. This article explains why indoor air quality is important.

Indoor air quality affects the physical health of the person.

The invisible indoor air quality needs to be monitored. Air is important for the efficient functioning of vital organs. It impacts various body systems like the respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and nervous system. Incorporate the fresh air system in your living spaces to avoid long-lasting problems.

Various contaminants like smoke, dust, mold, etc. are present in the air we breathe. Their percentage is higher indoors and tends to be more effective than when present outdoors. These pollutants enter the body when inhaled and cause various problems. A Fresh air ventilation system is a must for any space.

  • Inflammation: The immune system releases inflammatory substances when foreign particles like dust, allergens, and pathogens enter the body. Constant exposure leads to tissue damage.
  • Short term effects: Bad air quality results in unwanted short term effects like dizziness, sneezing, throat irritation, and nausea.
  • Respiratory diseases: Prolonged exposure to air contaminants leads to several respiratory diseases. The infection of lungs and improper breathing is the result. Asthma patients are at high risk. People may develop asthma and sinus conditions.
  • Cancer: Carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) are present in the air we breathe. The person develops cancer on constant exposure to these substances.
  • Worsens the disease conditions: Bad air is a threat to all kinds of patients. Asthma patients find it difficult to breathe. High blood pressure patients are prone to heart attacks. Cancerous patients experience unwanted effects, and the list goes on!

All the above points speak the importance of good indoor air quality.

Affects the productivity and performance of the person.

“Health is wealth”

A healthy person does any task efficiently and effectively when he or she is healthy. If health is affected, everything gets ruined. Bad air affects the person in every possible way. The ability of the person to perform reduces. The person becomes less capable and eventually, becomes less productive. Reduced performance puts an individual’s job at risk and this can affect anyone mentally.

Fresh air ventilation is the one-stop solution to all the above-mentioned consequences.


Indoor air quality affects the person in the most unexpected manner. It’s good to take measures that ensure good air quality. Be it residential spaces or commercial spaces, air needs to be pure and fresh. Keep monitoring the air quality to prevent risks and damages.

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