Health Box 3.0

Healthbox 3.0 is suitable for an individual ventilation system for both homes and apartments. Healthbox 3.0 checks the air quality for CO2 or moisture and / or VOCs (odor) per room 24 hours a day. The ventilation level per room is adjusted fully automatically in function of the measured air quality (based on sensors in the control modules). As long as the air quality in a room is good, the ventilation level is not increased. This ensures maximum comfort and maximum energy saving. Healthbox 3.0 communicates with the user (via app) and with other smart devices in the Smart Home via the integrated SmartConnect.

Products advantages

  • Demand-driven ventilation
  • Breeze function helps to limit the risk of overheating in the home
  • Extra high e-level profit
  • Aesthetic integration
  • Compact housing
  • Energy-efficient fan
  • Quick and easy assembly


Technical specifications


Breeze Function

CE Approved

Demand management

Diameter Connection 

Ø80, Ø125, Ø150

Home Automation

Control the ventilation system

Dry area drainage based on Smartzone

Sensors detection air quality

H2o sensor, Voc sensor, CO2 sensor

Heat Saving

Height (mm)


Type of building

Apartment, Residential

Type of concept

New construction / Major renovation, Small renovation

Width (mm)


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