Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Human Health

We usually consider our homes to be havens that barrier against any kind of contamination. We only notice external impurities or things which we can see and often neglect the microscopic dangers that lurk around. These are the true culprits that cause long term health effects. The addition of a ventilation system such as a fresh air ventilation system for big houses and regular ventilation systems for smaller spaces is paramount for a healthy life. Life without proper ventilation is an invitation to harmful diseases and other issues. Let’s take a look at the effects indoor pollution has on the health of a person.

What causes indoor pollution?

Indoor pollution might seem like a strange phenomenon to you, but it has been secretly harming your bodies in many ways. We don’t release it but the pollution from outside can easily swoop in and cause havoc. Moreover, pollution concentrated in a smaller area is much more dangerous than a bigger space. Certain types of bacteria, viruses, mites, etc. can creep in through the tiniest spaces. These types of organisms survive by spreading themselves around, therefore no place is safe from them. These issues can be mitigated by installing the best Endura fresh air system.

The paints that we use have chemicals in them which in the long run damages certain nerve alignments and in rare cases causes’cancer. Even the fumes that are present in the kitchen pose as a concerning threat. The biggest dispensers of germs are-AC ducts. After long term accumulation of dust and mold, each use can spray thousands of infections into the atmosphere. The right type of fresh air ventilation system can reduce these types of pollutants and keep a good circulation of fresh air.

Whateffects do these pollutants have and how do to stop them?

Some of the pollutants present in houses show quick effects while others take a long time to affect the health. Sometimes the process is gradual, leading to premature death.Certain types of organisms cause asthma, bronchitis, severe allergies. Apart from the lungs,your other senses like eyes, nose, skin, and ears can take a beating from this.

Carcinogenic chemicals found in certain paints, sprays, etc. can cause acute damage to your brain, liver, kidneys, and lungs, losing a considerable amount of its functionality. Studies have shown that having a bad atmosphere at home can severely affect your mental state, giving rise to many disorders like anxiety, stress and hormonal imbalance, productivity, and energy levels can plummet down drastically.

Using proper measures to reduce all these issues is key, regular cleaning and disinfecting must be followed, checking the chemical compositions of any purchase can help in maintaining toxic emissions, try to use natural methods instead of chemicals, using a fresh air ventilation system which effectively takes care of most of the problems. Sometimes taking care of each and everything around us is harder than it sounds. But we always have the technology to look up to make life easier and healthier, a simple commercial fresh air ventilation system or the right fresh air can collectively handle many things at once and reduce human effort. So, utilize technology and make your house a healthy place to live in.

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