Easyflex - Fresh Air Ventilation System

Easyflex is a flexible air duct made of PE plastic with an outside diameter of 140×64 mm and an equivalent inside diameter of 90 mm. The smooth inner wall of the double-walled air duct is equipped with antistatic and antibacterial additives to prevent dust accumulation and bacterial outbreaks. Thanks to the large dimensions, a high flow rate is achieved with a low air velocity, which ensures that the noise production over the entire system falls sharply. Thanks to the limited height, the channels can easily be integrated into the screed, concrete or false walls. If you combine Easyflex with the Healthbox, Endura or Endura Delta, fresh air ventilation system and the installation instructions are respected, then RENSON guarantees that the intended extraction rates will be achieved in every room in a pleasant and quiet way.

Products advantages

  • Aesthetic integration
  • Compact housing
  • Flexible air duct system
  • Treated with antibacterial and antistatic additives


Technical specifications

Airtightness class

Airtightness class D


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