Twin-fresh-solo RA1-35-9R

Product Description

CYCLE I. As warm stale extract air flows through the ceramic heat exchanger, it heats up and moisturizes the heat exchanger. In 70 seconds as the ceramic heat exchanger gets warmed the ventilator automatically switches to Air Supply mode. 

CYCLE II. Fresh, cold intake air from outside flows through the ceramic heat exchanger, absorbs accumulated moisture and is heated to the room temperature. In 70 seconds as the heat exchanger gets cooled down, the ventilator
switches to Air Extract mode and the cycle is renewed.

Air is supplied or extracted by a reversible axial fan with EC motor. Due to EC technology the fan is distinguished with low energy demand.
The motor has overheating protection and ballbearings for longer service life.

Two built-in filters with total filter class G3 are used to clean supply and extract air flows. The filters ensure fresh air cleaning of dust and insects and prevent the ventilator parts from soiling. The filters are cleaned either with a vacuum cleaner or flushed with water.

The high-technology energy heat exchanger is used for extract air heat energy recovery and supply air heating. The Solo RA1-35A-9 R is equipped with the
aluminium energy heat exchanger with recovery efficiency up to 75 %. The Solo RA1-35-9 R is equipped with the ceramic energy heat exchanger with recoveryefficiency up to 85 %.


  • Supply clean fresh air to the premises
  • Remove stale extract air from the premise
  • Clean the air of dust and insects
  • Prevent penetration of excessive humidity and appearance of mould
  • Reduce the heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer

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