Endura Delta

Product Description

As an occupant, we are increasingly aware of the fact that energy-efficient construction should be a qualitative and long-term investment in a healthy and comfortable future

An airtight and well-insulated construction can dramatically reduce our energy bills, but what about the occupant? Ensuring energy efficiency is the most important basic factor that turns a house into a home, a place where people can live in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Elements such as sun protection (to prevent overheating), ventilative cooling (intensive night-time ventilation during hot summer months) and a high-quality ventilation system guarantee a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

The Endura Delta is a demand-controlled heat recovery unit. The system provides the house with fresh air and removes polluted indoor air using two fans. Upto 89% of the energy from the extracted air is transferred onto the supply air via the integrated energy exchanger. The system can easily be controlled and programmed by means of the Endura® Delta app. The app also provides information about the way the system is functioning and the air quality in your home.


  • Controlled via the Endura® Delta app
  • Demand-controlled ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Integrated humidity, CO2 & VOC-sensor
  • Breeze function (modular bypass)
  • Extremely quiet and energy-efficient system

Endura Delta App

  • Control the system by quickly and intuitively navigating through the various menus
  • heck the status of the ventilation system. The app offers you feedback on the total air flow, the relative humidity level, the indoor air quality, the inside and outside temperature and the filter status.
  • Set timers that allow you to make temporary changes to the current ventilation program
  • Configure the unit (installer)
  • Fill in a measurement report and register the unit (installer)

Technical Specifications


Breeze Function

CE Approved

CE Approved

Diameter Connection 


Heat Saving

Heat Recovery

Height (mm)


Connection type

Two top closures & two bottom closures, Four top closures

Type of execution

Left version, Right version

Width (mm)


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